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Readings for the next few weeks:

All readings are (or will soon be) available through blackboard. Readings that accompanied Irene Cheng's Lecture on 10/25:             Creese_Fowler             Pages from Fowler, Home for All, 1848-50             H. Ward Jandle, Chapters on Octagon Houses and on Catherine Beecher, from Yesterday's Houses of Tomorrow   Readings for 11/01:             Norman Johnston, "The Human Cage" […]

Changes to Route 20 Since 1884

It is possible to provide a complete survey of roads from 1884 which prefigured modern day Route 20 thanks to Sweet’s Atlases. The changes, additions, and subtractions have been noted here, beginning in Skaneateles. Overlays of 1884 and current Google maps anchor the account. As shown by Sweet’s, Genesee Street enters Skaneateles on a direct […]

Slideshow of Maps Surveying the Route 20 Corridor Between Auburn and Cazenovia

The following are a chronological collection of maps surveying the land between Auburn and Cazenovia combed from the University of Alabama collection. The first map was drawn in 1809 and the last is from 1937. One of the biggest obstacles in studying these maps are the different concerns of each cartographer. Some maps detail land […]

Celebrated Trinkets

Plantations: Celebrated Trinkets   Majestic deer antlers. Carefully arranged tea cups. Sculpted bottles of whiskey. Scattered cigar papers. As beautiful as the interior of Lorenzo has been maintained, one point of interest that seems to dissipate from the spotlight are the little attention grabbers that decorate the public gathering areas of the mansion. These celebrated […]

Sample blog posts

There's no single template for the posts through which students in the class should develop your ideas about the architecture of mills and plantations. I'm very much counting on you to try different approaches, some taking a traditional text-driven format, others building on the diagrams or videos or image sets that you have created in […]