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Readings for the next few weeks:

All readings are (or will soon be) available through blackboard.

Readings that accompanied Irene Cheng's Lecture on 10/25:


            Pages from Fowler, Home for All, 1848-50

            H. Ward Jandle, Chapters on Octagon Houses and on Catherine Beecher, from Yesterday's Houses of Tomorrow


Readings for 11/01:

            Norman Johnston, "The Human Cage"

            Markus, "Formation" and "Reformation" from Buidlings and Power,


Readings for 11/08:

            Meredith Tenhoor, Biopolitics

            Foucault_ Reader-politics-of-health  (read to the top of p. 267 only)

          Optional:  Foucault_security-territory-population

          Optional:   Simmons-Leroux


Readings for 11/29:

            Latour and Weibel, From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik, An Introduction to Making Things Public,

            Others for this class TBD