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Slideshow of Maps Surveying the Route 20 Corridor Between Auburn and Cazenovia

The following are a chronological collection of maps surveying the land between Auburn and Cazenovia combed from the University of Alabama collection. The first map was drawn in 1809 and the last is from 1937.

One of the biggest obstacles in studying these maps are the different concerns of each cartographer. Some maps detail land formations, others detail modes of transport, and some only include the locations of cities and towns. What I am attempting to do requires a choreography of these different kinds of maps and their sometimes incompatible information.

My corresponding essay outlines the forces behind the development of Route 20, but does not yet align itself with these images, of which I have built an extensive collection. I am hoping to integrate the two and populate this hybrid with photos of any architecture included in the discussion. For now, this was an important preliminary way to look at the transformation of the region. 

Maps from 1809-1937